#365: Focused - 2015-04-15

María: Eliana! Still doing substitutions!?
Eliana: Right, at the Politechnic.
María: Hey, that's Se­condary School! Cut it out!
Eliana: But they pay well!
Hugo: How are things going in Chillán?
María: They're finally done with pest control! But it was expensive!
Eliana: Do you need money?
María: Not for now. But I'll have to delay certain things...
Eliana: Well, if you need help...
María: Workforce... that I'm gonna need. Not now, but in the Summer. Now for a change of subject... How are you all doing in classes?
Eliana: I'm doing well in all subjects ex­cept Music. I think I'll pass with a 6.8.
Hugo: I do what I can, but it's been difficult.
María: You too, Hugo? What problem do you have?
Hugo: It's really just a matter of motivation, if anything.
María: Come on! I know you can!
María: And you, Pedro? Are you doing well with your classes?
Pedro: Yeah, better than last year. We made friends with some female class­mates, and studying with them has been good.
María: That's nice!... Do you like any of them?
Pedro: I'm not that desperate.
María: ... It's better not to ask?
Rosa: I improved my grades a lot during the last weeks. I even scored a seven at a Math test, all because I'm now studying on my own.
María: A seven... im­pressive.
Rosa: I won't study with you two again. I don't understand your methods.
María: Hmmm... What's wrong? Why do you speak like a robot?
Rosa: I'm tired... I haven't slept well. That's all.
María: Sure that's all?
Rosa: I don't want to think a­bout any­thing besides studying.
María: Hmm... well, if you don't get enough sleep then you won't be able to do your best.