#364: I'll better study by myself - 2015-04-07

Eliana: When Mr. Torres finds out that I'm replacing him, he will want to kill himself...!
Eliana: There comes Rosa!
Rosa: Eliana, look!
Eliana: A seven! Congratulations! If you get a 5.9 in the coefficient two test, you won't have to do the special exam.
Rosa: See? I do better when I study by myself, my way.
Rosa: You and María are too demanding, you don't under­stand that I'm slower! But I know I can get out of this, step by step!
Eliana: Wait, don't be reckless! The coefficient two test will be difficult!
Rosa: Shut up! I need to know that I can do it! I need to do it! My entire future depends on it!