#372: Graduation memento - 2015-06-08


Yearbook - Class 8-B - 1995

Soledad Rebeca Álvarez Narea

  • Represents: Croatia.
  • Nickname: “Ricitos de oro”
  • Favorite food: Fried fish.
  • Closest classmate: Lucio.
  • Distinctive trait: Her empty stare and her messy hair.
“ Huuuuuuuh? ”

Agustín Danilo Becerra Miranda

  • Represents: Bolivia.
  • Nickname: “Bad duck”
  • Favorite band: Nirvana.
  • Secretly admires: Emilia.
  • Distinctive trait: Skinny, tawny and silent.
“ Who wants cookies? ”

Fulvio Andrónico Del Valle Zegarra

  • Represents: Italy.
  • Nickname: “Cheeky”
  • Fan of: “Grosso” brand bubblegum, “Sapito” brand chocolate.
  • Fell for: Sigrid.
  • Distinctive trait: Slim, short light-brown hair.
“ The teacher said! ” “ Sigrid said! ”

Catalina del C. Espinoza Escalona

  • Represents: India.
  • Nickname: “Kate”
  • Passion: playing as goalkeeper.
  • Boyfriend: Arnoldo.
  • Distinctive trait: Short black hair, large nose, light eyes, tans easily.
“ It's okay, don't worry! ”(you'd better worry)

Iván Boris Garrido Orellana

  • Represents: Poland.
  • Nickname: “Ugly duck”
  • Annoyed by: Everything. Except, curiously, by being called ugly.
  • Only friend ever: Alicia Quilodrán (class 6-A).
  • Distinctive trait: ... obvious.
“ Croak! Croak! Croak! ”

Lucio Claudio Gómez Reveco

  • Represents: Russia.
  • Nickname: “King Lucio”, “King Momo”
  • Loves/hates: Physical Education.
  • Best friends: Rodolfo, Marcela, Soledad.
  • Distinctive trait: Robust, hair colored light brown towards dark blond.
“ Let's make a picnic tomorrow after school! Let's everyone bring something to share! ”

Sigrid Leticia González Múñiz

  • Represents: France.
  • Nickname: “Skinny”, “Model”
  • Drama: To be surrounded by young kids.
  • Except: Fulvio. The only one who knows how to treats her.
  • Distinctive trait: Lineage can't be faked.
“ When you accuse me of being haughty, you admit your inferiority. ”

Rodolfo Adalberto Hahn Kahn

  • Represents: Germany.
  • Nickname: “Rudolf”
  • Sense of humor: Not German at all.
  • Inseparable partner: His cousin Marcela.
  • Distinctive trait: Blond, blue eyes, always smiling.
“ You, teacher. ”

Rafael H. Jiménez Torres

  • Represents: Costa Rica.
  • Nickname: “Huaso”
  • Why didn't he attend today?: He went to Talca.
  • Best friend: Rosa.
“ Damn it, I got a 6.5! (out of 7)

Marcela Brunhilda Kahn Hahn

  • Represents: Austria.
  • Nickname: “Zella”
  • Ideal as: Opera singer, Oktoberfest girl.
  • Inseparable partner: Her cousin Rodolfo.
  • Distinctive trait: Blond, blue eyes, generous shape, serious appearance.
“ Make a better effort, then! I didn't get it for free! ”

Xiaoshang Li Wu

  • Represents: People's Republic of China.
  • Nickname: “China girl”
  • Favorite sport: Basketball.
  • Rivals: Rodolfo, Marcela, Rafael and Rosa.
  • Distinctive trait: Long black hair, slim but wiry body shape.
“ I want the President of the Republic scholarship! ”

Pablo Andrés Lillo Loyola

  • Represents: Ethiopia.
  • Nickname: “Palillo”, “Pelillo”
  • Favorite activity: None.
  • Girlfriend since forever: Javiera.
  • Distinctive trait: Black, thick, indomitable hair.
“ Love and peace, bro. ”

Javiera Felicia López Fuentes

  • Represents: Jamaica.
  • Nickname: “Grandotota”
  • Favorite place: Mom's boat.
  • Boyfriend since forever: Pablo.
  • Distinctive trait: well, she's quite big.

José Felipe Pino Tapia

  • Represents: Egypt.
  • Nickname: “Josefo”
  • Favorite band: Metallica.
  • Best friends: Pablo, Javiera.
  • Distinctive trait: Skinny, messy hair.
“ Noscientos. ” (portmanteau of "nosotros" (we) and "doscientos" (200)

Rosa Marcela Martínez Gómez

  • Represents: Japan.
  • Nickname: “Crying girl”, “Little Mermaid”
  • Cooking speciality: Pâtisserie.
  • Most loving towards: Rafael.
  • Distinctive trait: Fuchsia-color hair ribbon, slim with thick legs.
“ He didn't come today... ”

Arnoldo A. Navarrete Perales

  • Represents: England.
  • Nickname: “Nolo”
  • Admirers: A lot of them.
  • Only owner of his heart: Catalina.
  • Distinctive trait: Tall, green eyes, light hair, long nose.
“ ♪ She may be the beauty or the beast.. ♬ ”

Judith Alejandra Ortega Cifuentes

  • Represents: Argentina.
  • Nickname: “Black”
  • Crazy about: plush pets.
  • Best friends: Emilia, Alonso, Miguel.
  • Distinctive trait: Her eyes.
“ Let me hug you, will you? ”

Miguel Alejandro Pinto Aburto

  • Represents: Uruguay.
  • Nickname: “Baldy”
  • Fan of: Japanese animation.
  • Best friend: Judith.
  • Distinctive trait: His forehead, his small eyes.
“ Check out this doodle! ”

Emilia Antonia Riquelme Suárez

  • Represents: The Netherlands.
  • Nickname: “Witch”
  • Magnum Opus: The garden at her house.
  • Best friend: Judith.
  • Distinctive trait: Chubby, light eyes, always with twin tails or braids.
“ Those aren't reins, damn it! ”

José Haritz Vásquez Echeverría

  • Represents: Basque Country.
  • Nickname: Gurrugurru.
  • Expert at: having strange ideas and messing with everyone's minds.
  • Platonic love: Lina Urrutia (class 8-A).
  • Distinctive trait: Big head, robust body, slow movement.
“ ¡Perrro es quer rrrecién asdfpgiroklgkotoklgotog! ” (but i just (untranslatable))

Alonso Alfredo Zúñiga Zapata

  • Represents: Denmark.
  • Nickname: None.
  • Diagnostic: Bipolar syndrome.
  • Crush of the day: Depends on when they ask him about it.
  • Distinctive trait: Hair parted to the side.
“ Hahaha! ... sorry. ”