#374: Burden - 2015-06-30

Ximena: Weren't we friends?
Eliana: Sorry, Ximena. You're asking too much from me. It's impossible to pay me for tutoring Andrea. You can't convince me.
Ximena: But you can't leave me with such a burden!
Eliana: Also, even if I wanted. It's too late. My bus is leaving in five minutes.
Ximena: You traveling alone!?
Eliana: Yeah. I had a quite busy year. I need to detach myself from it all for a while.
Ximena: And if you re...?
Eliana: No way! I'm leaving no matter what!
Ximena: Take me with you...
Eliana: What's wrong with you!? Tell your boy­friend to take you out!
Ximena: ... I have no boyfriend.
Eliana: Not yet, Ximena? You will become 16 soon! You're at the right age!
Ximena: DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT! Can't you see that I'm desperate?
Eliana: Oh... that's my bus. I need to leave now.
Ximena: You can say no, but I can't escape from my sister! Please show some mercy towards me! DON'T GO AWAY!
Simón: Beat it, Ximena. She's right, this is too much to ask for Eliana. Also, it's all my fault, I have to solve this.
Ximena: But Dad! You have been struggling with her all this time! And even so!
Simón: Andrea needs the help of a special­ist. I'll pay for it.
Eliana: Poor people. I swear that, if it were any­one else, I wouldn't hesitate to help them... In fact, I'd do it for free, because they're my friends.
Eliana: But no. It's all the fault of that lazy potbellied girl. How to force her if she doesn't want to make any effort herself? She always feels sorry for herself but does nothing to get out from her abyss! Rosa could get out, by herself and with God's help! It wasn't my help, nor María's, nor the teacher's, nor no one else's help!