#376: Alone / Accompanied - 2015-07-13

Eliana: Oh, it's been a while since I last slept so well!
Eliana: What I paid for this lodging was well worth it!
Eliana: It's still early. I could stay sleeping if I wished so, but I didn't come all the way to Santiago just to laze around.
Eliana: I won't waste my time! I'll go visit all the museums!
Eliana: Going out alone with money is the best!
Eliana: And it will be still better when I get older and they let me in anywhere!
Emilia Riquelme: Teacher, where is the pool?
Profesor Muñoz: Behind the lodgings building, Emilia.
Emilia Riquelme: Right! Come on, girls, let's go dive into the pool!
Rosa, Javiera: Let's go!
Profesor Muñoz: Hey! Don't you think it's still too early for that?
Rafael: ...