#377: Those who remained - 2015-07-19

Argentino: Hey! What are you doing here!? Wake up!
Hugo: Huh? What's going on? What time is it?
Argentino: It's ten in the morning!
Hugo: Whoa, was the movie that boring?
Argentino: BORING!? Hah, it's obvious that you're an ignorant roto! Get out of here already, because I have cleaning to do!
Carola: Hey, I liked the movie.
Hugo: Really? Because it didn't impress me, or maybe I didn't understand it.
Carola: You must pay more attention to the details, Hugo.
Hugo: Boooo...
Carola: Y'know? You ain't street-wise! You must get out more, to open your horizons! Get it?
Hugo: ... Well, forgive me for coming from a poor family...(and don't speak like an Argentine)
Carola: Excuses! Now let's go eat something!
Hugo: Let's go!