#378: Separately - 2015-07-28

Javiera: Won't you come to the pool, Pablo? The water is quite nice!
Pablo: Too early, honey! Now we're going to play football with the kids. Boys only, that's why I don't invite you.
Javiera: Booooo...!
Catalina: Boys! When they know we love them, they rest on their laurels!
Javiera: Relax, Catalina! We all need our a little space for ourselves from time to time!
Soledad: Emilia! Why are you crying?
Emilia: Soledad... Did you bring a swimsuit?
Soledad: No, I forgot it at home!
Emilia: Darn, I wish I forgot it too! My belly is way too big, Soledad! Someone please kill me!
Pablo: Hey! Will we play or what?