#392: Until when - 2015-12-25

Clara: I was starting to worry already1 It's been over a month since you last appeared!
María: It's just that I was quite busy at my house.
María: I came back here for January, to rest for a while, because I want the kids to go there to help me during February.
María: By the way, where are the kids?
Clara: Well, Hugo went with Carola for a trip through Argentina. They left right after the last day of school. I haven't heard from them since. Ungrateful kids.
Clara: Rosa passed her school year and had her trip to Chanco, but she's still depressed.
Clara: I told the kids to take her for a stroll. Pedro is still with her, swimming by the river bank.
Clara: Eliana is washing her hair, because she fell to the river and she says she ended up smelly.
Eliana: ... I'm so tired...
María: See, I know that you don't like to be asked about your hair... but I'm curious about how long would be too long for you.
Eliana: I'll decide that. Thanks.
María: But you used to sell it. What happened?
Eliana: Oh. The lady who used to buy natural hair closed her business, and there's no one else in this town.
María: Well, you could donate it! There's an organization called...
Eliana: I'm not interested, also because I would appear in every newspaper. I don't want for any reason to become famous.
María: Honestly... I see it nearly impossible.