#393: Self-diagnosis - 2016-01-03

Clara: You better now?
Rosa: Yes, a little. Maybe it would be nice if I could go more often to the river or to the beach...
Clara: As long as it's not every day...
Rosa: Also, I think that what I need the most at this moment is to stay alone. Yeah, that would do me good.
Clara: Right? Because if what you want is to be allowed to go out alone, forget it. Not in that state, no way.
Rosa: Huh? Why not!? I'm not going to do anything!
Clara: Because I don't want you to follow on Raimundo Tup­per's steps! I don't want to lose you, my daughter!
Rosa: But Mom! How can you think of that! I'm not THAT down!
Clara: Rosa, I'm serious. I don't want to take risks with you. You now say you feel better, but there must be someone to care about you in case you get a relapse.
Rosa: I'm not capable of some­thing so terrible!
Rosa: It didn't even occured to me. And it would be absurd to react that way.
Rosa: If I'm sad it's because I know nothing about love and I'm not ready for dating.
Rosa: Rafael doesn't want to date, either, yet I feel something quite special for him. And that's what troubles me.
Clara: But I haven't lost the hope that someday, all grown up, we can meet again. I'm not depressed.
Rosa: Wait! What happened? Did I fell asleep that quickly?
Rosa: I don't feel anything! Neither hot nor cold nor...! What's this? Why I'm floating? I don't get it!
Rosa: I'm so scared! I want to wake up...!