#394: Little gift - 2016-01-12

Clara: I don't know what to think anymore, Eliana. Now she says no, but I don't believe her.
Cartero: Madam, I bring this order for Rafael Jiménez.
Antonia: Uh... thanks.
Eliana: I insist, Mom. After what she said before I gave her the test, it's better to not lower our guard.
Clara: Do you think so? Aren't we exag­gerating? Maybe it's just a matter of time...
Rafael: ¿■±► ∞¶· ♀↑◄ ▬▲♪ ∩¶⌂≡ ⌐☼♫⌂ ○♂♪→≈?
Antonia: Come on, Rafael! Let's open it!
Eliana: I don't know, but it's been quite a while, and I think she's looking worse.
Antonia: Look, Rafael! How pretty!
Eliana: If she says she feels better, we have to stand by her, we need to use psychology with her, but never stop watching her out.
Rafael: ♥√⌡ ▼⌂⌠→→↓♥ ∩◄≈≤↓↓‼ ↑↕►≥÷ ♦♪≈♦♣ ♣•¶ ♂≡⌂▼◄→ →·►ⁿ ↔≤♦►♣► ▼↔÷⌠■ ≤♪‼÷←¶ ⌠☼≥◄
Eliana: What's complicated about this issue is that it's completely unpredictable.
Eliana: Rosa might be okay one day and the next one she will be crying her heart out.
Eliana: See what I mean, Mom?