#395: The travelers are back - 2016-01-26

Hugo: *knock knock*
Rosa: I'm going!
Rosa: Hugo! We were worried about you! Why did you never call home?
Hugo: ... I forgot! Hee hee hee!
Rosa: Ungrateful kid. I see that you had a great time there with Carola.
Hugo: It smells good! What are you cooking?
Rosa: Snacks of mushrooms with melted cheese. An easy recipe.
Hugo: So tasty!
Clara: I see that you're back, Rosa!
Rosa: I don't know. I wanted to try something, but...
Clara: And you, Hugo? Why don't you tell us about your trip to Argentina?
Hugo: Well, uh...! To be honest, I don't have much to say! We went to Bue­nos Aires, Ba­hía Blanca, Bari­loche... that!
Clara: Aw, come on, Hugo! Tell us more!
Rosa: Uh... should I leave?
Eliana: Yeah, Rosa! You're too young for this kind of things!
Hugo: No, Eliana! Nothing happened!
Carola: For the last time! Mom! Dad! Stop it!
Samuel: Yes, that crib is cute, though we could buy this one too, as it costs the same.
Carola: I'M NOT PREG­NANT!!!