#396: I remembered that I had a diary - 2016-01-30

It's been decided already. On February 1st., we'll take the morning train to Talca, and later we'll go to Chillán, back to our great-great-grandmother's house. There, two weeks of arduous work await us, after which María has us in for a surprise. After that, we'll go back home and start our school year. I'm still not enrolled, I don't know to which high school will I go. The polytechnic where Hugo studies has the specializations of Preschooler Service, Electricity, Forestry, Industrial Mechanics, Timber Processing and Food Service. I may end up at the latter, though I'm not sure if that's what I really want. Actually, I don't know what I want to do with my life in the future. I don't want to make that choice, specially not now. Eliana's birthday was on Thursday the 18th. It's amazing that this little girl is already twelve years old, as she still looks like a 9 or 10 years old one. We ate ice cream until bursting, and we went for a walk to a hill. The next weekend we went to the Gutiérrez's house, to play with a videogame console they bought. They had a fighting game with superheroes that jumped really high and launched aerial attacks. As we left, Eliana performed one of these jumps and imitated the movements of the character she chose; she's the only one who can do such a feat. That night I had a quite absurd dream. It happens that that game features a very large and strong fighter, who smacked people around with a heavy steel beam. I dreamed that Pedro was at a ring like a boxing one but larger, and that he fought against that man. It was difficult at first for Pedro but he still could defeat the big man. Later, he became a bad sport and I had to join the fight to make him stand down, though after I fell him down with my kicks he grabbed me and threw me far away. Finally, Pedro could knock him out, and he didn't return... ... No, that's a mistake. He stood up for a last time, the four of us were over the ring, and the fighter lifted the ring and turned it upside down. Yeah, that was when I woke up. Another day we went to the sea at the beach. Pedro building sandcastles (this time with Hugo's help), Eliana basking under the sun (though this time she covered her hair with a towel) and me swimming. Later, our great-great-grandmother joined us and went for a stroll with Eliana. They returned in the night, God knows where did they go. As time passes, I start feeling calmer, though still a bit sad. Let's face it, I won't change anything by crying. I need to look to what's ahead of me, and also to accept that nothing will be the same.