#435: Blue ice - 2017-10-10

María: I would appreciate it if you did stop referring to me in those terms! What did you expect? A garden? I told you it would be something like this!
Hugo: … We're trapped …
María: Of course we're not! Old as you see me, I have been able to leave this place on my own! Many times!
Hugo: But we don't have mountain experience…
María: Well, I think that you're at the right age to learn! Also, we'll have a privileged view of the sunset up there. And we're quite late; let's hurry up.
Rosa: Excuse me, is this blue ice? Is there liquid water below?
María: There's water, but torrential. I don't recommend you going there. Also, wrap yourself up already.
Rosa: Already doing that. The tunnel was quite icy.
María: Put the boots on, too! You won't be able to climb with those sandals!
María: Very well! Now that we're all here, the mountaineering classes will begin!