#331: Boxes with seeds - 2014-08-12

Hugo: Wow, your house is way too messy...
Doña María: Right! Seven years without coming here...!
Doña María: But it's just a matter of undusting, and everything will look as new!
Eliana: Save for the floor! Step carefully, because it breaks easily here...
Doña María: You're right, Eliana! We have to fix the floor, too!.
Eliana: Right? I think that you need to repair the WHOLE house, María!
Hugo: María, What's in these boxes?
Doña María: Those... Have some seeds I bought before the Plebiscite and never planted. And those others...
Rosa: Hugo... HUUGO!!!
Hugo: What's going on!? Why did you throw the box away!?
Rosa: There's an animal in my clothes!!!
Rosa: I got it!
Pedro: Daaarn! What a beast!