#332: Parents and siblings - 2014-08-16

Rosa: What a beast! Imagine if it bit me...!
Hugo: I was going to ask you if it bit you. Those ro­dents carry many diseases. They must be here because of the seeds.
Pedro: And not just that, Hugo. They're also eating the wall paper...
Doña María: Yikes! I didn't notice! That wall paper you're seeing all torn... Was from when my parents married, before the War of the Pacific!
Eliana: That old is this house?
Doña María: More or less. Some walls were re­placed, others got burned down, etc. This house was much larger in the past, but most of it was destroyed. This wall and the one in the front, for example, are from that time.
Pedro: And that picture... From when is it?
Doña María: It's from late 1895. Let me show you.
Doña María: This is my fa­ther, don Javier Sepúlveda To­rres, a teacher born in 1857 and a veteran from the War of the Pacific. He died in 1927 in this very house, and I inherited it.
Doña María: That's my mother, do­ña Griselda Oyarzún Ga­rrido, the daughter of some land­owners from Concepción.
Doña María: She was born in 1859, and died when I was just two years old.
Doña María: She's my sister Antonia, born on December 8, 1879...
Pedro: She looks like Rosa...
Doña María: Rosa! Bah! It must be because the photo is in black and white and...!
Doña María: No, Antonia was fatter, had brown hair, brown eyes and fairer, rosy skin... She was pretty, a bit naïve, and careless about her diet.
Doña María: Antonia died of a heart attack in 1898, because she was going to marry and the damned groom left her at the altar... Poor girl.
Rosa: That's horrible!
Doña María: Well, those were events from a century ago.
Doña María: Continuing, those two are my brothers:
Doña María: Juan, born in 1883...
Doña María: ...and Emilio, born in 1887.
Doña María: I haven't seen them since 1909, because they went for a trip and never returned... That's when I ended up alone.
Doña María: Uh... I'll better invite you to see my bedroom.
Roger! I'll go first!
No! No one can enter!
What happens, Eliana?
It's full of bugs inside there!