#333: The dead dog - 2014-08-21

Doña María: I already know that the house is full of bugs! Let me in!
Eliana: NO! They will eat you alive!
Doña María: Hah, I don't think so! And I want to see my bedroom!
Eliana: Well, check this out!
Eliana: Pedro! Wait for me next to the win­dow! I'll go bring some­thing! Do not enter!
Pedro: Roger!
Rosa: ... I think that it's better to just obey her.
María: (She throws herself out the window as it was nothing...)
Eliana: Pedro! Pull the rope to lift the bag!
Eliana: It's too heavy, I could barely drag it here!
Pedro: What's it?
Eliana: A dead dog. It'll dis­tract them.
María: A dead dog? A DEAD DOG!?
María: What's wrong with you, Eliana? Did you lose your mind? How could you think of bringing such filth to my room!
Eliana: There are worse things inside there! Pedro, throw it inside and close the door quickly!
Pedro: ...
Eliana: See?
María: Nooo! My bedroom! I want my bed!