#361: True face - 2015-03-08

Alejandra: In any case, that subject is way too complicated for children of our age. Ask the Eighth Graders, or the kids from Secondary School...
Carlos: You're right, A­lejandra. That's what I'll do.
Alejandra: ...
Carlos: Wow, Luz. About time that you showed your true face.
Eliana: What happen­ed, Luz? Why did you come here looking like that?
Luz: I wasn't in the mood for primp­ing myself up today. Also, per­haps you'd like me more now that I look more normal. ¿no?
Carlos: Normal, you? Hah! You can't fool me!
Carlos: See, Eliana? I knew that that smile was a fake one!
Eliana: Don't exaggerate! Luz just tried to be kind! She never wanted to scare you!
Alejandra: ... She's crying...
Carlos: I insist, you shouldn't live based on your appear­ance. Be careful, because many boys will want you just because you are pretty.
Blanca: I'm not pretty, I'm an albino!
Carlos: ... See, I've seen other albino girls, both pretty and ugly, and you're among the prettiest.
Blanca: I'm tormented by so much flattery!
Carlos: Now, for our following survey res­pondent...